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The Rush Is On : What Is Your September Status?

It is perceived as a game for it is called a rush and September is the month that is romantically hot-mild to host this league. Fresh students have barely done a week on campus but some ladies have fallen in love already. In fact they have found Mr Right or better still Prince Charming in a week and are dead sure to live happily ever after – a classic wedding after school garnishing everything. Continuing male students are looking exceptionally good and caringly mannered of late – fresh phones, watches with name, shiny shoes, clean clothes fragranced and more. Gentlemen are ready to help fresh students but its funny how the male halls receive little or no “foreign” visitors.

The university is a community where students and any one alike come with a lot of expectations and ladies are especial cases. But we should realize too that there are residents here who also expect to gain something from those coming in. Whilst some ladies think “I am now in varsity and grown enough to be in any relationship”, some guys too go like “I must clear at least some ladies before they become analytical because they are now vulnerable and less critical of some things”. Other guys think “I have to get a nice, endowed and specs-matching lady to nurture”. The percentage of nurturing September rushers is infinitesimal.

It is not bad to be in a relationship but the issue lies with how that relationship is conceived and bonded. Do not buy pressure for yourself for that is suicidal. At least take your time and settle, know this environment better before you start relating with it. This place is just like everywhere – full of lies and greed.

If the women’s commission really care about the welfare of ladies on campus, this is the time for them to organize seminars or send out codified messages so that ladies would be vigilant in whatever they do. Do the women’s commission have to wait for breaking hearts before they care? Or the women’s commission is all about beads making and fresh yoghurt? Ladies, take your time to think before you accept anything because the consequences of September rush can crush you real bad. And the guys who have vowed to queue the ladies, please answer this question : “fufu” mortar and “fufu” pestle, which one spoils faster?

“Good is not a little bad. It is what it is.”

By: Thomas Brown,