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The Writing Kitchen

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of writing kitchen. A weekly tip slide to be a creative writer. My name is lady Amma, welcome again to our noble launch.

Mostly, I get questions about how I combine my business studies with creative writing. These are the answers I give, beside the fact the fact that I love writing.
–    Writing is a talent embedded in my being
–    I get pink rashes when I don’t write
–    I told my primary one teacher I wanted to be a writer

That is me if writing is not passion in your book, but you’d like to change it, then your first step to that process is reading this.

TODAY, we are talking about the first of numerous pathways to become a good creative writer
1.    Decide to write: I laughed over this pathway years back when I discovered it. But your decision to write is what is going to induce your writing skill. As Babatunde said, “even a natural writer has to “decide” to write. So what do you say…

written by Lady Amma