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Victory for All Students-The Cruader Congratulates NUGS Aspirants Elect

It finally came off yesterday, the long awaited NUGS elections. After all the controversies, NUGS has finally elected its leaders for the next academic year. I want to say congratulations to all the aspirants who contested this elections, to me there was no victor or vanquish.

The victory belong to all students; to the political elite on the students’ front, down to the ordinary students who look up to NUGS to champion their course. To those who got the mandate to lead, lets see it as opportunity to serve in humility and integrity.

To those who did not get the mandate, there is always another opportunity to serve. May not necessarily be on the same platform but there would always be another opportunity.

We can finally dissolve all caucus now so that we can have one caucus, solely for students’ interest. That is the Students Caucus.

The CRUSADER says congratulations to all Signed Barack… (The CRUSADER, UCC L/NUGS PRESIDENT 2016/2017, HOPEFUL)