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What Kind Of Roommate Do You Have?

Coming to school makes us encounter different kinds of people as roommates. Whether good or bad, we must learn to endure. I believe everybody should know the various temperaments in order to know how to live with other people.

Even though most guys don’t really mind about what their roommates do, they sometimes have personal problems which they don’t really react to as ladies would do. Most guys would not mind if they get “narrowed” by their roommates. They seem to understand each other better and even take it on ‘cool’ side to sleep in the room while a roommate has his girlfriend with him in the same room. They term it “importing”.

“Narrowing” or “importing” as they are, seem to be common among guys. Usually, ladies go to guys but in rare cases, guys go to ladies’ rooms to spend the night even in the presence of the lady’s roommate(s). So, “narrowing”and “importing” can also be found among ladies.

Have you ever seen a guy refusing a lady entrance to his room? Well, my answer is, “not yet.” With ladies, it may not be that easy because most of them would prefer what I call the “JIKADATH” Theory 1 which says,”Wait till I am covered.”

While the guy enters, his prayer should be that he meets all occupants of the room or else, if some are not present, he will surely encounter the “JIKADATH” Theory 2, which says, “please excuse me I want to change my clothes” or “please excuse me I want to dress up.” This theory becomes annoying when ladies in that particular room have their “quarreling mode” activated because she may choose to be in the room, take off her clothes and not dress up and this may simply mean, ” no male visitor”.

Greedy people, I’m sure nobody prays to get such room mates. If you are unlucky and you get a greedy roommate; you need to pray to God for wisdom to cope. As life on campus gets tougher as the semester grows old you may need people who would not always act as parasites.

It is only divine wisdom that would take you through.

For ladies who have roommates who believe in “Using what you have to get what you want” you need to be strong both spiritually and psychologically or else living with such room mates would be another challenge besides your academics. The only advice I would give you is to stay focused so that you don’t go astray.

Even though there is a saying that, “None is perfect” some people try to work towards perfection. If you have a room mate who is tolerant no matter how much you offend him/her, one who cares about your well-being, I think you should say a big “THANK YOU” to that person and thank God for the life of that person because your room mate can “make” and “unmake” you. To all who fall within this category, I say CONGRATULATIONS!!!