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Why you shouldn’t skip breakfast as a student

If you are someone who often skips breakfast in the name of academics and or give any other flimsy excuses for the habit as a student then, my dear, there are reasons why you should desist from such habit. Yes you need to!!!

So why should you?

Well lets look at the words that make up breakfast. Break + Fast right? so you take in breakfast to break the fast that your body endured throughout the night. Anytime you skip breakfast, your body continues to fast til you eat your first meal. When the time interval ( between when you wake up and when you take your first meal) is such large, it can lead to starvation a state of the body that has many health implications.

Breakfast fuels your body as you start your day as a student. This fuel is in the form of glucose that energies your body for the academic and physical work that you would do in the day. When you skip breakfast , your body is forced to use the already stored glucose in your body. You feel lethargic and weak when this continues and are great interference to your academic work.

According to Dr. Guddone (2003) , breakfast increases concentration, boost memory understanding, enhances alertness and increases aliveness. So if you are looking forward to understanding all the abstract theories that your lecturer would be teaching then you may have to consider taking you breakfast before you meet him/her.

One thing you should also know is that breakfast helps to maintain weight… yes it does!! if you think skipping breakfast is a way of making you to lose weight, then you may to reconsider because you may end u gaining more of the weight.

Why?…..  …Well, anytime you skip breakfast in the early mornings you feel certain cravings in the mid-morning.This cravings(insatiable feeling) may force you to feed on snacks and pastries which are major weight boosters. So take it to maintain your weight ok?

Taking breakfast in the mornings is economical. In the current economy where the prices of goods and services continues to increase , food vendors have every right to continually decrease the quantity of their meals in other to make profit. So you have to spend more money on food before you can get satisfied when your mid-mornings catch up with you. Taking breakfast before class can save you all these expenses.

So what should you have for breakfast?

This question raises a lot of concern in the students’ realm where students eat what they necessarily have instead of what they have planned to eat. However, breakfast that is rich in cereals and fruits is said to be ideal for students (Homer, 2010). So get the porridge, oat, wheat, etc. and accompany it with bread, biscuit etc. and you are good to go. For ‘choleric reasons’, prepare it yourself OK? hot and “aromic”. Plan for it, Prepare it and Eat it.

Should you however skip breakfast at a time, you may have to take a glass of water in the early  morning to aid in the free flow of blood and brain work.This should not be a daily substitute for breakfast though.

Breakfast is such ideal for so don’t skip it.