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UG Commonwealth Hall to get a Biometric Gate

UG Entrance
Members of Commonwealth Hall (Vandals) are watching with dismay while the installation of a biometric gate at the entrance of their hall, which they grossly rejected earlier on in the semester, is briskly underway with almost all certainty that the gate will be completed and fully functional any time soon.

The biometric gate is generally being put in place to ensure that only legitimate residents/members of the hall with biometric clearance can gain direct entry into the hall. All other persons may only gain entry into the hall through a well regulated process.

According to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Ernest Aryeetey, biometric gates/doors will be installed at all halls of residence and departments of the University of Ghana in due time. However, Commonwealth Hall has been selected as the first stop for the installation of the gates.

Early this semester, agents from the Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate (PDMSD) of the University of Ghana visited Vandals to inform them of the new development and to brief them on how the biometric gate is going to work.

Vandals however made it clear to the authorities that the biometric gate was totally unwelcome in the hall. In view of this, the construction of the gate had since been halted until recently when workers got back on the scene and briskly resumed work on the gate.

They have removed titles from the ground, dug a hole in the concrete and served them with a notice that the gate is being fixed and it looks like there is no turning back.

During his interaction sessions with students this semester, Professor Ernest Aryeetey said the installation of the biometric gates/doors at all halls of residence and departments of the university is one of the major security developments his administration is going to undertake as part of their world-class vision for the university.

However, he also stated that since the pilot installation of the gate at Commonwealth Hall was widely rejected by Vandals, his management got the idea that students were not ready to welcome the development as yet and hence, were going to halt installations at the halls and start with the departments.

Unfortunately for Vandals, with just a few more days to the start of exams; a very busy time for all students including Vandals, the authorities have resumed work on their biometric gate and it looks like by the start of next academic year, entry and exit into Vandal City will be very much regulated. Could this be another measure to drive down vandalism in University of Ghana?

source: Legfile