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Three Things You Shouldn’t Be Surprised At As A Fresh Student Of UCC


Imaging finding yourself at a new environment where you are not familiar with how things are being done, you will certainly get surprise at some normal and usual things when you encounter them. You may see those things as strange and the impacts of them will either make you sad or happy. As a fresh student of a university, the University of Cape Coast to be precise, I would like to enlighten you on some of the happenings or incidents that should not come to you as a surprise when you encounter them on campus.

One thing that I am sure will appear as a surprise to many fresh student has to do with 6:30am lectures. I know that most fresh students are not used to attending classes as early as 6:30am. Moreover, for many, 6:30am is the time they enjoy sleep the most at home. Unfortunately, if you are among this category of people who sleep till 9am before waking up, please advise yourself because that is not going to happen here in UCC. Though seeing 6: 30am class on your timetable would appear contrary to your ‘sleep timetable’, you are however informed not to be surprise at all, this is because, it is a normal thing with life on campus.

Another thing you should take note of since it may come to you as a surprise is what I call “The Never Ending Massage”. I know you may be confused as to what The Never Ending Massage means, haha. “The Never Ending Massage”, simply put, refers refers those campaign massages you have been receiving from aspirants on your various WhatsUp platforms. For your information these massages will never stop coming until you are done with your stay on campus. However, in case you have the dream of aspiring for any position, then the secret is to make use of this same medium I am talking about so the circle can continue.

Moving forward, one of the most interesting thing that am sure by now most fresh students are talking about, which I am not surprise at is what I call “The knock ins”. “the Knock Ins” is basically the number visitors especially continuing students who are part of groups on campus being it church or any other groups and those who also come in to do business, or to look for their members, since one of the easiest way they can use is going to the halls, knocking their doors in order to see them. The reason why I see this to be interesting is because when I came to level 100 at Valco E-Block, my roommates and I had about 10 continuing students coming to our room within the first two weeks. This made one of my roommate to paste a notice on the door with the inscription “No One Should Knock Again” but that did not stop them from coming. So my advice for my dear fresh students on campus is that please don’t worry because it will end very soon.

I know there are a lot of things that i have left out but whichever the case is, don’t forget I said you shouldn’t get surprise when you encounter things like that on campus. Trust me you will get used to these happenings very soon.| Jeffrey Koomson