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UCC Decides

Coming 28th of this month, students will be electing their next set of leaders. Unlike last year’s elections were we saw the teachers overcoming the lawyers, this year’s election has seen a twist with the kind of personalities who are contesting  for the various portfolios being it at the the SRC level, the Local NUGS level, the various Halls or the various faculty and the departmental level.

One of the major factors that electorates consider when voting is the issue of the popularity of the aspirant. Based on my experience with student elections on campus, I have come to believe the popularity of a candidate goes a long way to help him/her in eventually winning elections. Although this was not the case in last year’s election when the candidate that won to the surprise of many was least expected to win.

Considering how well each candidate has campaigned this election season, the race is going to be a tough one. is going to bring you all the happenings. Stay tuned.


Jeffrey Koomson |