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UCC Staff Urged to Project Positive Image of the University

Staff of the UCC have been urged to make a conscious and serious effort to build a positive image to project the University as the preferred destination of higher education in Ghana and beyond.

Speaking at a two-day capacity building training for some selected staff of UCC at the Academic Board Chamber, North Campus, a Senior Consultant of 2MB Consulting Services, Ms. Gifty Ofori, noted that the University could only achieve this through the commitment of staff towards their duties.

Ms. Ofori pointed out that with the emergence of more public and private Universities in Ghana, UCC must be able to offer unique services that would attract majority of potential students than its competitors adding that “UCC must be recognised both locally and internationally as a world class institution”

Ms. Ofori, admonished staff to treat customers with respect since the success or failure of any organisation is determined by them. He stressed that “customer service cuts across all spheres of operation and that is where a large part of image is formed. She added that “Universities offer services and those who buy the services need to be turned into believers, swearing that it has to be UCC and no other University!”

Touching on branding, Ms. Ofori, indicated that UCC must enhance its visibility by showcasing the cherished values of the University explaining that “Branding fixes your name and presence in the minds of Government, International Donors and Organizations and the benefits of these could be myriad.” She noted that this can be done by designing the University’s brand identity on all your possible tangibles such as vehicles, pens, ties, cap and anything that showcases the UCC identity.

Other topics treated at the two-day workshop were Team Building, Communication Skills, Personal Grooming, Corporate Social Relations in Public Relations practice and Public Relations and Protocol.