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UCC Students To Enjoy “Better” Wi-Fi Connection

Students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) will from next semester enjoy a good Wi-Fi connection as management of the University improves upon the internet connection in the University.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) President, Mr. Tony Henry Arthur in an interview with indicated that the move is in the direction of giving students value for the payment they make for the ICT User fee.
According to Mr. Arthur, the Council has always stood against the increment of the ICT User fee until the internet connection on campus is improved upon because students would always protest against such increment without good internet connection.

“… we said that until web saw any difference in the situation the students would always protest against increment in ICT User fee.”

Mr. Arthur stated that the council had stood firmly against the increment of the ICT User fee as most students of the University complained about the poor nature of the internet connections on campus.

“We resisted strongly the increment of ICT User fee during fee negotiation on the grounds that internet connectivity was poor on campus and it was something students always complained about”, he said.

Mr. Tony Henry Arthur disclosed that the Vice-Chancellor (VC), in a meeting with the SRC, explained that management is undertaking a project to solve the problem of poor internet connection on campus, named the Kleos Project.

The Kleos Project, which aims at providing better internet connection to students at a 5 Kilometer range within the campus,is set to be fully ready before the commencement of the 2017/2018 academic year.

The project, according to the President is gradually coming to light as some parts of the university campus have been worked on and are having good internet connection now.

He further gave an assurance that with this new internet connection, students would connect to the system with their personal identity number or code which would only be known to them. This will thus prevent unauthorized members of the community (town boys) from accessing the internet.

He was quick to add that other parts of the University campus such as the SRC Hostel area will soon have their installations and it would be before students resume to campus.

The President expressed his gratitude to the management of the University especially the Vice-Chancellor and the ICT Director for seeing to it that students have a good stay on campus when it comes to internet connection.

Source: Godfred Mawugbe |