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Poetic Play of Names

Photo: sk When Dzigbodzi in her warm embrace set me in motion, it is only Olenime who can calm me down.

I turn to the east where Suzy n Gina sit interact n their giggling will put me @ bay.

Oh, when i forget a sentence in my note look no further than the Ruth of the class.

Oh, how can i not travel from Ghana to Nigeria when Beatrice and Tenny always carry me there.

When i need to meditate look no further than the eyes of Helena.

When the pearls of Adelaide,Pheobi and Vivian are in their eyes why wont other guys take to patronize our lectures.

When i want quarrel look no further than in the arms of Nelly.

But Mercy will put a stop to it with her fluctuation of character.

Never make a mistake in front of Barbara else you are doom.

There would always be a girl in a class(Abigirl) but when mothers like Takyiwaa and Prisy are around i know my woman will get better tutorials.

Hey, i have forgotten my messiah major in person of Afriyie whose ups and downs has risen with sharp retrospect.

If you need church right in lectures, look no further than the Sharon of the class for you will be filled.

I have my eyes set on Scotland by my heart lies in a door that rings.


This is a dissection of only the females of my class