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Casford to get Solar Panel

Sundame Benjamin Donald, Hall president of the Great Casely Hayford Hall, on Sunday while presenting his report at the first session of the General Assembly meeting of the SRC indicated the Hall is in the process of procuring a solar panel.

He said this was part of measures to supplement the Hall with an alternative power source especially in the event of lights out.

This idea, he said was conceived owing to the promise by government that organizations and persons who use solar energy will enjoy subsidies from government for easing pressure on the hydro-electric power and recent power outages experienced all over the country.


The Hall president said feasibility studies had being done and plans are far advanced to start the procurement process. He said already four companies have tendered their invoices for consideration.

This idea, he said when comes into fruition, Casford will be the pacesetters of the use of alternative power supply in UCC and Casfordians will have no worry in the event of power outages.

He also outlined other projects his administration intends to embark on which include the refurbishment of the hall library  and  equipping it with relevant books, provision of additional study disk in all rooms to augment the already existing ones, refurbishment and relocation of the gym centre, among other projects.

He urged all Casfordians especially those currently residing in the Hall to comport themselves as they await the ban placed on the Hall to be lifted by next academic year.

On Casford/ATL relationship, he stated that the seemingly rivalry between the two Halls has outlived its relevance and is about time both Halls buried the hatchet. He said Casford and ATL current leadership have had a joint JCRC meeting, all in an effort to restore dignity and amiable relationship between the two Halls.