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Police Confront Casfordians

Three students affiliated to the Casely-Hayford hall were yesterday arrested by the police after a confrontation ensued over the ‘Refugee Day’ celebrations. The names of the students remain unknown as at the time of filing this report.

The police who planned on stopping Casfordians from their impending procession were met with resistance by students of the hall. This resulted in the arrest of one of the hall affiliates.

This action by the police angered Casfordians who went all the way to Valco hall to kidnap one of the security personnel on campus and keeping him inside Casford hall.
Upon hearing this, the police started to fire tear gas into the air in order to free the captured security person by dispersing the Casfordians gathered. They eventually succeeded in getting the security person out.

However, just as things were becoming relatively calm, two other students were arrested by the police. The reasons for the arrest are yet to be made known.

April 2 every year is celebrated by Casfordians as ‘Refugee Day’ to commemorate an incident that occurred about five years ago that resulted in the expulsion of all students from the hall