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Aim Higher

Rhymes, have for years, remained traditional nursery school poems and so almost every nursery school has a wonderful collection of them. It is believed that they are one of the first things nursery kids are introduced to at school.

Unarguably, the importance of these poems taught at nursery schools cannot be underestimated as it is generally believed that they are a great way to help kids develop their language and communication skills – the basic requirements for education.

In this regard, not a day went by at nursery school without a poem or song being recited or sung. Almost everyone of us had our own favourite poem or song- which we may not have really understood. We may have fallen in love with it simple because of its tune or rhythm.

I was no exception. I also had my favourite, a very popular one I believe almost everyone of us was taught at nursery school. And honestly, I always recited mine out of habit, as many of my collegues did, being totally ignorant of it’s meaning probably because I was too young to understand.

It was not until my Junior High School days that I saw this poem written behind a book, that I got the opportunity to read each word, one after the other, to understand the message of the poem.

It is our own:

     Good  Better  Best 

     May  I never rest

     Until my good is better

     And my better best.

Undoubtedly, apart from the entertainment this poem provides and the nostalgic feeling it brings to us now, I believe the comparison of the adjective “good” from its comparative form “better” to its superlative form “best” sends across a deep message that each of us has to improve upon ourselves, by aiming higher in life, at one level (good) to the next (better) and not wanting to rest until we attain the ultimate results one can ever make (best).

On the contrary, sometimes when we reach a certain height, we normally become content with our achievements or we are often discouraged by a few setbacks and are therefore tempted to slow down our efforts to remain at that stage.

No! Friend, today, let me remind you of our old nursery poem, Good, better, best. It was taught for a reason. Make up your mind to work harder, try new things, chase those dreams through thick and thin until you get to the top.

I’m Nana Afia Tenkoramaa and I shall not rest, until my good is better and my better best.