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Your Success On UCC Campus Depends On You

It’s been three years. But it was only last night that my memory refreshed itself about how hard it was for me to choose between the university I had always dreamt of, and the one I’d dreaded my entire life. 

I am not ashamed to admit that the number of days I thought about this issue of which university to choose was as though I was waiting to face a firing squad. It was frightening and awful.

But why would you have to rethink it over and over again, if you already had your choice? I know you’d ask.

Yes I had to. I had to rethink my choice of university because, the programme of study and its combinations were crucial to my survival on any academic environment. As much as I didn’t want any surprises, I had to also choose one that would provide a considerable number of opportunities and that, as painful as it could be, was the one the University of Cape Coast was offering me. 

At the end, it became the competitive choice for me too. Hehe. However, it took me days to accept it. 

And when I finally accepted my fate- to enroll for further studies at UCC- I didn’t need to find more information about it because a cousin had been there before.  All I needed to know about UCC had already been summarized in simple C.C initials – Constant Confusion!

This phrase was self explanatory and so I didn’t need Google or a dictionary to understand. And I’d also heard those two were the most popular on the university’s campus. They were seen everywhere, from academics to church and other social activities to even the chairs students sit on… Eiii. 

Yes! It meant it was going to be tough. I quickly envisioned a world where there was no minute to say ‘hello’ to a friend let alone time to sleep.

On the contrary, when I got there, I realized something they didn’t tell me. They didn’t inform me of the fact that it was, to a large extent, a free world. A world where a large percentage of the things that happen depended on the individual. Yeah. You decide to make it happen or not. 

This is because I have seen students who misplace priorities, become so relaxed, somewhat unconcerned, and watch the system rip off their clothes and they then run for covers.

I have also seen students who have a well planned life, a scheduled calendar which depicts when to study and when to find the nice places around, and other stuff that do not add a coin to the CGPA – the determiner of your continuous stay on campus.

Your definition of the University of Cape Coast would depend on you and the kind of dictionary you have and how you select your words. 

It is you who would determine if it is a place of constant confusion or a place under Christ Control or as others say a place of Continuous Celebration.

 Your mission (why you’re there), vision (where you’re going) and your determination would let you know how to define it. 

If you joke, trust me, you’d always find the system not being friendly. Oh yes. This time, constant confusion would sound like an understatement.

And if you’re serious too, you may someday roll your eyes and ask, ‘where’s the constant confusion?’

Dear freshmen/women,

The ‘other’ meanings of those letters are subjective. It is only you who can determine what they mean. Will you join the popular saying and see it reflex on you or you’ll dare to challenge it to have a fruitful stay till the end? 

I’d urge you to be positive because it is all in the state of mind. Do not make excuses, be the captain of your life from this time and make sure you do not give way to anything that has the possibility of ruining this golden opportunity.

Do the right things at the right times to enable you stay on till the end because there are no qualms about the fact that UCC is an exciting place to develop and discover who you truly are. 

I’m Nana Afia Tenkoramaa and I do not have a bit of regret making this choice three years ago. I can say with all confidence that it has really prepared me very well for any position in my future occupational calling.

And I’m glad that you’ve made this bold decision too. Congratulations and welcome to the University of Competitive Choice!

Source: Nana Afia Tenkoramaa |