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Freshers Admission List to be Released Starting from 10th September

The University of Cape Coast will from today 10th September, release the list of admitted students. However, the availability of this list will depend on the various faculties.

This information was sent out by the SRC President in a communication to various students groups.


Read below the full statement:


(1)The first semester time table has officially been extended by one week. This decision was taken yesterday at executive council meeting as stated. Let me take the opportunity to thank all the 347 students who contributed in the sampling in all the groupings. Especially My Wall, GOSSIPZ, Choicism, BOYZ KASA, KNH Entertainment etc. Out of the 347 who voted 317 went for one week extension for us to vacate with the fresher’s on 21st December, instead of 14th,16 voted to maintain the time table and 14 went for exams after Christmas. The Hall Presidents took the same option and the 42 Departmental Presidents by consensus opted for the same option at separate meetings with me. Thank you all for your support.

(2)At the same meeting our bold request to have a longer extension of registration period has been granted to the end of the Month for us to end with the fresher’s registration. Unfortunately our appeal for part payment is still not granted but I am still working seriously on it. I only need your prayers and support.

(3) Fresher’s admission list will be released from today 10th September as and when the Faculties get theirs ready both the letters and on line.

(4)The education 400 orientation comes off on Monday 16th September, 9:00 am at Auditorium 900 FELT.