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Be Grateful

PhotoIf you’ve decided never to show appreciation for whatever you have, I call on you to rescind that decision or wait till you hear this story and then make a choice. These children I met on the outskirt of the University of Cape Coast campus swimming in a self-made pool of dirty, smelly and absolutely 100% hazardous water. This hole which had been dug for the purpose of a manhole and abandoned had turned into a swimming pool for these kids with the joyous expression on their faces that (they had nothing to worry about).

Frantically, they had everything to worry about but they found joy and happiness in swimming in an abandoned smelly manhole. I kept wondering why these kids will not consider the irreparable health hazards associated with their action and for a moment it crossed my mind that there’s another side to the whole issue.

These children have accepted that they can’t wait to have a well-built state of the art swimming pool to enjoy and make themselves happy. They had found one and decided to make the best out of it. They made me realize that we cannot always sit idle waiting in distress for some external force to and solve our problems.

 “We are the architects on our own future”, as said by an anonymous writer. However we find it (our future), we made it and should take responsibility for it. A loser may be he who found his future in a deplorable state and still blamed it on so and so.

Like these kids, there are such kids out there who are enjoying in a state of the art pool. I say the former is far better than the latter. Are you worried about some exam failures, think about those who never gained admission in to the college or university? I admonish myself first and I admonish you to take initiative. Be optimistic enough, have a win win spirit. Francois Guizot, the French historian said it right, “The world belongs to optimists. Pessimists are just spectators”. Try harder, if you fail try again, and again, and again.

Those who never make any efforts are the failures. Remember, a part of appreciation is making yourself count for you’ve not been brought here without a purpose. Make more efforts and you’ll ultimately find yourself exactly where you ought to be.

We have so much to be grateful for already. Imagine, these kids had nothing but created their own joy. Some of us will never taste such waters till we enter our graves. Our parents have toiled so much to get us where we are. We can’t afford to let them.

 As a matter of fact, we have no option than to make them proud. Don’t get frustrated and keep your legs crossed in a devastated mood always. Remember if you are waiting for someone to make you happy, then I’m sorry coz that someone is also in dire need of happiness. Create yours and be ready to share with others for the world needs you alive. Sadness can break you down, shatter your dreams for you have no self-esteem to fire them up.

Your background should have a mediocre or nil percentage in determining your future.Most successful people out there are those who never believed in failure. You will go through some challenges but Hey, they’re all part of the game winners play. So get, play and win. Tell your story and let people know you never relented on your efforts, and never backed down.Your unbelievable works may motivate others to kick start themselves coz you’ve got it in you. Legooooooo

As written by Hafiz Laryea