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Happy New Year!

It’s been days long journey
Yes, a 365 days long journey
But we survived its tragic tourney
So, elated though with spots of worry

The close of each year
Cycles till it must stop, dear
It reminds us of another chance
So to restructure to give a new glance


The pooling in the Cathedral
Like trees in the forest of tundra
Is good but, folks, not the solution
To ‘tail’ the tales of woes and frustration

Rise with the rising year
Quench that flame of fear
Wipe, o, your long cry’s tears
And revere ‘strive’ as your dear

The ‘celestials’ watch on
To replenish the fading strength
With fresh lots more so it wages on
Till the shut doors are opened to wealth

Let the prayer of aspiration
Be your thoughts of resolution
Through your chapter of elation
And through the pains of frustration

You can make it
If you so desire dear
Just follow the right beat
With determination and not fear
And your toils will bring it to your feet

Happy New Year!
Prosperous New Year!
Good-health-filled New Year!
Your toils-reaping-filled New year!

Oswald George Okaiteye
All Rights Reserved. 31st December, 2012