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Labour Strikes Everywhere

This situation has been with us since time immemorial and we always sit down unconcerned until it escalates to such a time that the citizenry is left to bear the brunt of somebody’s irresponsibility or conscientious ignorance.

Doctors are on strike, Lecturers have been on strike and the judicial service are contempolating going on strike. It’s quite unfortunate that governments have always lacked the good ability of prioritization and have run the country so shabbily. In the end, though every strike action is justifiable, it reflects badly on our growth as a country and most importantly, the ‘unimportant citizenry’.

So far, to a certain extent, all the strike actions are justifiable but will they all take a step back and realize that their actions not only affect them but us all, all workers directly or indirectly.

The government and all of it’s machinery put in place to avoid such circumstances are deep in slumber. With their actions and inactions, they are plunging this country into the firm shackles of ruin!

This country is too rich to be struggling as it is now. So the big question becomes, where is the country’s money and why is it not being put to good use to ensure the best for the citizenry and our image?

Most assuredly, your guess is as good as mine. Our national coffers is being looted woyomically by some people for their own selfish interests. Since we know, the government knows and knows that we know and so why are they doing nothing to stop it and bring to this country a much needed wave of prosperity and growth?

Let’s all resolve to put in our little efforts to make this country a better place for ourselves, our children and our descendants to come. A better Ghana is in our best interests, so let’s stop the stupid comparisons, baseless criticisms, foolish politrics and our own personal egoist natures and try very hard to bring this country from the ruins that we are inadvertently helping the government plunge this country into.

And please Parliamentarians should give us a break and shut up. The payment of their ex-gratia though constitutionally mandated, was paid too early and though they claim it’s that huge because there are a lot of arrears, we are faced with labour strikes now and a small percentage of that lump sum would have eased these strikes.