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Restoration Congratulates Fresh Students on Their Matriculation

PhotoYou were nearly whipped into frenzy with the joy and ecstasy that dawned on you upon your notification that you have been offered admission into this Great Institution of ours.

Upon arrival has been  nostalgic moment coupled with the flurry of bustling and hustling with registration and orientation but today, marks the ultimate day to formally welcome you and make you part of the university fraternity.

Education throughout human history has proven to be a great tool of transformation through evolution of ideas that bring comfort and freedom to societies and nations, and UCC provides that serene and cozy atmosphere that would help translate your dreams to realities, your hopes to great goals and your ideas to tangible results.

You have what it takes to cruise your dreams to realities through perseverance and hard work, but it behooves you to brave every odd and ills that would cloud and blur your aspirations and dreams.

We cannot continue to be afraid to think beyond the confines of our sheltered and comfortable lives, principally due to fear of the unknown. Let us brazen ourselves because the Good Lord has bestowed us the power to triumph and overcome every mishap and bulldoze our way to victory.

Team Restoration congratulates you and welcomes you to the University of Choice, and remember that pessimism and cynicism contend for mastery, and hope, almost incredible, walks off with the prize, as said by Bernard Levin.


Opoku Nti Ernest,

Team Restoration,

SRC 2013/2014