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Restoration Wishes the University Community a Happy Christmas

PhotoWe all begun the semester with the enthusiasm to finish the touch line, we were able to cross the hurdle even though sometimes difficult, we triumphed the bad times and brazened ourselves to win despite the hitches. The harsh sun,the academic thrills and the intermittent ups and downs seem as far removed from  Christmas cheers as possible and kept us wondering.

But the moment time inched closer to the end of the semester and finally tore open the exit door, signalling the end of the semester, the festive spirit marking the birth of the messiah dawned on us, a great moment of joy and merry.

Christmas with it antecedence from biblical period, is an occasion to extend the message of love, sincerity and care. it also means spreading the affection of our hearts into the lives of others and bringing in pleasure and cheers.

It would be remarkably inappropriate for a emperor not to recognise the effort of his subjects for the year, it is imperative for parents not to celebrate with their children and for the financially endowed not share with the poor.

It is in this spirit that Team Restoration wishes all students, lecturers and workers alike who form the fulcrum of the university fraternity a happy merry Christmas.

Let us not only merry but reflect on the sacrifice the man we are celebrating  did to mankind and the ideals he stood for.

Life comes with it unique falls and ups not to destroy us, but to strengthen and embolden us a for more greater heights.

As we celebrate this yuletide, let us keep a common spirit of unity and purposefulness that will eventually turn round the wheels of humanity and give posterity a reason to celebrate us.

From Team Restoration, Happy Christmas to you all.

Signed by Ernest Opoku Nti.
Team Restoration