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Stop this Partisan Labelling

Show me your friend and I will show you your political affiliation. This is where we have reached as a people. The era in which your vote was your secret is over. The cacophony of partisan labelling of innocent individuals, groups, institutions and vitally important national issues of late, has reached an astronomical proportion and should be a major concern and worry to all well meaning Ghanaians.

It is conspicuously clear that every single commodity in our country today faced an eminent danger of being adulterated with partisan politics, a situation which is highly unacceptable.

The danger is that, experts and other knowledgeable professionals who do not want to be labelled with political colours remain silent and keep their great ideas to themselves. Who suffers? Let us ponder over the answer! Unfortunately, our sense of nationalism is being thrown to the dogs and scarificed with selfish partisanship with its attendance problem of hooliganism and impurity.

Hostile language and political insults have become the order of the day. As for the activities of the so called faceless partisan serial callers, the least talked about them the better as they constantly insult their perceived political opponents from Archaeology to zoology. Ironically, it has become a culture for every body to say everything about their fellow human beings on our air waves including calling them names such as dogs, snakes, chimpanzees among others. what a hell! It is high time such unscrupulous elements are reminded about the fact that democracy is never synonymous with democrazy!

To add more insults to injury, innocent people are ridiculously labelled especially NDC or NPP based on the types of friends they interact with, ethnic and geographical origin, colour of skin and clothes, religious affiliation, place of work, and sometimes, musical and dance orientation etc. it is even highly preposterous and laughable to find some people baselessly argue among themselves that the so called “Kangaroo” dance is associated with a certain political orientation while the “Azonto” dance is also identified with another political tradition. As young people, the earlier we had done away with such mediocrities and trivialities the better.

In a nutshell all political parties are significantly younger them Ghana and will always come and go but Ghana remains the same.  As we draw nearer to the 2012 elections all and Sundry should remember the fact that “Naked we came and naked we shall go”

Our political opponents must not in any way be our enemies.

Political affiliation is just a matter of preference and choice and must not be a recipe for conflicts and war. Ghana deserves betters!

I wish all psychology students a happy 5th Anniversary and astronomical GPAs” Thank you

David Banaaleh (king – Dave)
BSC. (Psychology)
CEO (Network of Budding Psychologists)
Editor – in – Chief (Choicism website)