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SUPREME’s Welcome Message

The dying of a year usually is accompanied with a lot of festivities which throws a lot of people into a spree of celebration. It is also to some a moment of reflection which one must take stock and determine what resolutions to make.

But most of all the dying of a year and the dawn of a new one is more than just celebration and reflections in its deeper sense, it is moment of fresh beginning and an opportunity to appreciate life in it true sense as a gift.


However way your experiences for this short break of academic activities has been. I know truly that you had a successful break as I had.

I would like to welcome you back to school. As a new year it is important that we make resolutions having had the opportunity of taking stock of the year 2012. It is important because having known what went well and what did not, we must make resolutions in order to do things differently this year so we do better than last year.

I have made resolutions this year and part of it I have decided to share in this publication. I have decided this year to make more sacrifices, having learnt in the past that sacrifices is the only key to take me into my desire destination. I have also decided above all to trust more in God and be patient with him. I know you made interesting resolutions as well, I will just be waiting for the opportunity to meet so you also share with me. Until then I once again welcome you back to school. Have a blissful year and semester. Happy New Year.