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Take A Chance …

I know there’s something I want to do. Certainly, but I don’t know what is actually holding me back. Is it fear, inexperience or the lack of courage to take the bold step to market and sell myself to myself first?

I know I waste time anytime I’m idle and it really draws me back but I have this strong conviction that I have something to offer, it’s just how to nurture and polish what I have. It is said that everyone has a pearl within, the problem is how to extract those pearls from their sources and make them glow so others will see what they actually had been unexploited.

Whatever holds me back to draw out this pearl, it’s in my head. If you get to read this, understand that I have taken a chance even if it fails, and if it’s a success, understand that I took an opportunity because when I realized I couldn’t figure out how I was going to  write this, I figured where and how I got here. I have realized I have said nothing much but I’m up down a hundred and eighty words. I know and believe and can do this as it is said, “believe and you can achieve”.

An anonymous writer once wrote, “Goals – write them down, hang them up, share them often – and watch them happen. As I sit in my couch, something tells me that this is precious time I’m wasting, I was dwindling from the path I had chosen for myself – to write, there’s someone out there who wishes he had this moment of his life as I do have mine but it’s too late then I remembered time they say waits for no man and most often we say we are in the wrong place and the right time or vice versa.

The thing is we are always in the right place at the right time as Jane Ballback and Jan Slater wrote in their book Marketing Yourself and Your Career, “You are always in the right place at the right time. You are just not taking advantage of it”. How are we not taking advantage of it? Well we might not be opening our mouths and talking, we might not be taking our pens and writing, we might not be seeing the available opportunities, or we might be putting our energies into the wrong activities.

Once we know how to take the opportunities around us, we will see how obvious they are. It’s kind of like registering for a particular new course in your department and then noticing courses exactly like that every department you go. You just never noticed them out there before you became aware that they existed. Just in case you’ve not noticed, I have crossed 450 words. I took a chance and this is how far I have come. So get up, identify what you want to do give it a shot and wait to see yourself fly because you bought yourself first as Maxwell Maltz once said “Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself”. I have just done that and there’s no turning back. Don’t wait till the whistle is blown before you get set. I might be “three” late. Legoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

As written by Hafiz Laryea