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The Hidden Foundation of the University of Cape Coast

PhotoDarkness has emerged all too soon, the sky cannot hear the sound of its birds. The trees are cold, the ground is quiet but our eyes are widely open, our brains are eager to absorb more.

This is the untold life story that transpires on the land of the university of cape coast(UCC) also referred to by most of its students as the ”University of constant pressure”.

The University of Cape Coast was established in 1963 by the Prime Minister of Gold Coast (Ghana) Dr. kwame Nkrumah. The vision of the establishment of the university of cape coast was to produce more teachers to meet the Accelerated Development Plan of Education.(ADPE) of 1951. This statement was well captured by Mr. Kojo Botsio a trusted lieutenant of Nkrumah; in order for us to meet our achievement in science and mathematics, we must gain able Math’s and science teachers in our schools. This is the foundation upon which the University of Cape Coast was built upon.

Over the years, the university has been able to maintain the complementary role of which it was established and have produced chunks of successful graduates who are at the helms of affairs in trying to build a better Ghana, Africa, and the world at large.

One may wonder why the university is referred to as a university of constant pressure.

It is the only university where your night turns to day, your evening are mornings ,your weekends turn into week days and even your holiday is added to the week days .lecture halls and libraries are busy with students trying hard to consume as much information in order to pass their quizzes, assignments or presentations.

The answer to such a question is simple, the foundation of UCC is rooted in ”teaching” and as a teacher, and you must be ready to answer questions at all and odd times. This has informed and brought about unannounced and announce quizzes, assignments, presentations and “thesis” on weekdays, weekends or even holidays. in respective of the time.

Also as a teacher, you must have a fair idea or knowledge of every field, topic, and issue. Hence it is no issue when student of UCC are made to read other courses from other faculties in the name of liberal course. The broadness of one’s mind on various topics shows how knowledgeable one is. This helps one to make meaningful contributions to issues being disused.
According to the Vice chancellor of the university, Professor D.D Kuupole, discipline is the key word if one needs to succeed in the university and the world as large. And as teacher discipline is your motto in training other children who you will impact your knowledge into.

Based on this background, it is no surprise that one’s lecturer may begin as early as 6 o’clock and only return to your residence at least half past nine (9).this they say is to prepare as for the globalized world.

The University of Constant Pressure is a place to put your abilities to the test. it is a place to test how much stress of this world can you carry.

The University of Cape Coast is likened to a wild jungle, with wild animals ready to pounce on its prey and just sack them home for non performance in academics. it is ones swiftness, agility, pace, stamina and the mood to kill that would make you emerged as a true graduate. For in UCC you had the taste of what life can offer. And it is this same university i envisage to you all……..

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