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Think Before Snap or Send

PhotoPerhaps one of the frequent happenings in this our era is the leakage of nude pictures and videos on the social media .It looks if every day there are issues of these sexually explicit leakage via the internet. Ranging from celebrities whose private lives are brought public to ordinary females who just want to seek some attention; the practice goes on and on .The unfortunate thing is that most of these females are students who are perceived to have attained a level of rationalization and are expected to live an exemplary lives. The questions are why will somebody (especially ladies) snap a nude picture of herself or and go ahead to send it to her boyfriend with the aim of expressing her love or to the internet in order to gain fame? Why will an ex-lover send the nude picture of his lover to the internet in the name of revenge? Answers to these questions are still unknown. One thing we all as social media and phone users should imbibe is that before you snap a sexually compromised picture or send one to anybody just THINK.

Taking a picture is naturally not bad but if the picture is nude or have a sexually explicit content then ma dear you have to think twice. The fact is when you click snap and such picture is taken and stored on your device, its privacy is not secured, the handset may get missing or your close associate who may get contact with your phone may tamper with it and the consequences am sure you will be able to bear. One thing you should know is that over the years, those who have had their nude pictures gone viral on social media had their pictures leaked by their close associates (friends, boyfriends, ex etc.).And since you cannot be a 24 -hour police of your phone, it is better to think twice before snapping them. Even if you do not intend to send them to anybody why keep them on your phone? If you want to look at your whole body without clothes your mirror is perfect reflector. It can even show places you haven’t seen before.

The story has always been,” I loved him so I sent him the pictures; it was meant for him or her alone but the next thing I realised it has gone viral”. Then the him or her also says,” I didn’t leak it, it was my friends “and so and so forth. If only they had known am sure they would have thought deeply before sending. Sharing affectionate pictures as responsible love birds experts say can enrich a healthy relationship. However, if the pictures can cause the mouth of the third party viewer to open his mouth wide because of it compromising state, then you should know that it can also completely ground a standing relationship. Besides those who send these pictures to their partners do not even receive one in return. What is the essence of sending them then? The heritage of the African woman is embedded in her decent covering so if she indecently showcases it in the form of these pictures, then it lost forever and she can hardly reclaim it. If you think sending sexually explicit pictures to your partners or friends fosters love or intimacy? Then wake up from your slumber; you are only breeding the person’s lust.

There are some of us you can naturally endure every ridicule. Irrespective of the stage or degree of disgrace am sure we always have in mind that in a matter of time it will pass. However if there is a ridicule you can never endure it is cyber bullying. Having your nude picture circling around the world, your country, community and school is very breath-taking and suicide incisive. Something you do have to experience hence safe yourself, family, school and friends by desisting from taking sexually explicit picture of your God -given self. With the emergence of the state prosecuting people who as their revenge practice post nude pictures of their exes online, lovers who think doing that to their ex  will give them delight should just think before send.

By Lawer  Mensah Enoch (0547614199)
School of Nursing