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Think, but Don’t Think Too Much

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” – Albert Einstein(E=mc2)

Do you look at your future with hope and optimism or do you feel defeated and discouraged a good part of the time? How you answer this question will tell you a lot about your mind and your habits, I want to share some information about the mind and how it functions, but first let’s consider something that you may either accept or reject at this time. How you have used your mind in the past is responsible for most of your present circumstances, achievements and failures, in addition to determining whether or not you have been able to solve most of your problems. If you have permitted your problems to completely decimate you, there’s  something I want you to see-what happens to you in the future will depend to a large degree on your understanding of how your mind functions and how you can develop and use your mind to achieve those goals you want to achieve. Depending on your knowledge of mental functions and the confidence you have in yourself, you may agree with me completely or you may doubt what has just been said.

 At this point, however, let us consider some of the basic concepts concerning the human mind and why most of us fail to use its great potential. Let’s begin with a newborn baby, with all of the potential for success and greatness in the world. Almost from pre-natal growth, the baby’s development begins. In addition to physical development, which we can see, the baby also begins the process of mental development which we cannot see. Inside the baby’s head is a brain. Psychology has been able to establish that different parts of the brain are responsible for various functions of the body. The brain therefore is the nerve center or control mechanism for every bodily function. Connected in some way to the brain is the human mind-the arena in which ideas are stored and manipulated. The baby is called a tabular rasa because the mind is empty. This gives us a better understanding of these forces and influences that have shaped our lives.

If I told you that in the next five years you were going to become an outstanding success in your field, you would either accept the statement as true or reject it as empty talk. Your acceptance or rejection would be based on what is already in your sub-conscious mind. It is very important to understand this: what you have in your sub-conscious mind right now is what you are using as a basis to make your decisions and value judgments. Human beings are goal-seeking organisms. We tend to be happier and more fulfilled when we are working toward a specific, written down goal. By deciding in advance what your goals are, by writing them down and looking at them often, you’ll be using the process of repetition to drive them deeper into your sub-conscious mind. Once your goals are stored deep in your subconscious mind, your mind takes over, to direct you to reach any goal you set. All that you have to do is to stay with your goals and avoid confusing yourself by setting mutually unattainable goals. One specific thing you can do to cultivate your mind is to be selective in associating with people who will inspire you.

Too much of everything, they say is bad. Therefore, thinking too much also has its consequences. However, there are many people who have physical limitations of one kind or another but who were still blessed with sound minds. If you don’t deliberately control your mind by thinking about specific things, evil thoughts will continue to dominate you which are destructive.

Adults drop out of society just like students drop out of school. The person who does not continue to read and grow mentally is blinded to the fact that what we don’t use, we lose. Your future is bright if you have the desire and incentive to get ahead, while at the same time maintaining balance in your life.  It is possible to have all the rewards  you seek but it is vital that you keep your eyes on your goals and not dwell on your problems. You should recognize that you have problems- in fact, we all do! – but you should not dwell on them or let them get you down. You can never be defeated as long as you are willing to get back up. Unless you use your education, you have wasted your time.

You must learn to think and learn to make your thoughts and feelings subject to your will: “keep your heart free from hate, your mind free from worry”. Live simply. Expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Forget self sometimes and think of others. Do as you would be done to and Trust God. Thank God for all your blessings. Do all you can for people without thought of personal gain.  Spread happiness. Try this for a week and you’ll be surprised! 

Edward Bannerman Koomson (Koya)
BSc (Psychology) 0246388999.
e-mail:[email protected]

*Thoughts inspired by my Psychology lecturers. Thank you for teaching us to keep our mind alert, sharp, alive, growing and above all, healthy. Special appreciation to Rukaya for typing the manuscripts.