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Deborah Quartey is a dedicated and passionate individual who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. She is an affiliate of Oguaa Hall and hails from the Ablekuma North Constituency.

Since entering the university in 2019, Deborah has been actively involved in political activism and activities related to the National Democratic Congress (NDC). She joined TEIN-UCC (Tertiary Education Institutions Network) upon entering the university and has been an integral part of the organization ever since.

Deborah’s commitment to political activism led her to contribute significantly to the publicity efforts for the 2020 National General Election in her constituency. Her dedication and hard work earned her recognition, and she was appointed as the Oguaa Hall Coordinator for TEIN-UCC.

In addition to her role as coordinator, Deborah also serves as the secretary for her branch in her constituency. Her organizational skills have proven invaluable in event planning and venue organization. She is known for her ability to efficiently manage tasks such as ushering during conferences and meetings.

Deborah’s involvement extends beyond event planning, as she is a core member of the Media and Publicity Committee of TEIN-UCC. She actively participates in all forms of hall-to-hall publicity, tirelessly walking everywhere to inform people about TEIN and convince them to join.

Her dedication even extends to representing TEIN on radio stations, where she passionately talks about the organization. Not only does Deborah excel in political activism, but she also demonstrates a strong sense of community spirit. She was actively involved in the recently concluded Akwaaba Games and generously sponsored bags of water for participants.

Currently, Deborah has set her sights on becoming the next Women’s Commissioner of TEIN-UCC. Her extensive experience within the organization, coupled with her dedication and passion, make her an ideal candidate for this position.

Deborah Quartey’s contributions to TEIN-UCC have been immense, and she deserves the maximum support to win the upcoming election. Her commitment to political activism, organizational skills, and community involvement make her a valuable asset to any team or organization she is a part.

Writer: Sylvia Appiah