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Back to UCC: Some students reactions as school resumes on July 3

The resumption of students to report back to school scheduled for July 3, 2021, by the Administration of the University of Cape Coast is near thus, causing some students’ reactions, especially with the freshers.

This according to some students in an interview with reporter Eyison Joseph from Choicism media, the vacation given was short and has come fast, hence, wish for an extra month or few days to be added. Which is quite unfortunate.

Meanwhile, others as well share their joy and eagerness for coming back to school, stating that they have stayed home far too long.

Also, as Choicism Media tried to find the views of some students on how the last semester went, most of them said the semester was quite good and expect they will do very well in the coming semester.

As some freshers complained that UCC is stressful but they are now accustomed to it, therefore, will not repeat some mistakes they did.

Through our questionnaire, a fresher shared his experience during his first exams in UCC last semester.

According to him, during one of his papers, he forgot to read the instructions of the paper.

He said,” we were only to answer one question for 40 marks but I didn’t read the instructions and answered two”. He tells Choicism UCC that he couldn’t finish the second essay question he wrote and he left 7 questions in section A unanswered.

Therefore, we would like to use our platform to let every student know reading instructions during examination is very important.

However, as school resumes on July 3, Choicism Media wishes every student good health while you burn the midnight candle, and also enjoy the semester.