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Inter-Hall Debate: Atlantic Hall is not negotiating with other halls for the trophy – Fidel states

The long awaited UCC Inter-Hall Debate and Public Speaking Championship 2021 has commenced with series of heated banters concerning social, economic amid political issues.

The event seeks to promote the art of public speaking and healthy competition amongst the various traditional halls within the university community.

The President of the Atlantic Hall, Osei Agyemang Fidel is boastful that the Atlantic Debate Society will emerge as the ultimate winners of this year’s UCC SRC Freshmen Inter-Hall Debate and Public Speaking Championship.

“This year, the Superissimos are very well prepared and filled with energy, we do not think there is anyone who can compete with us. In fact, we are not coming to negotiate with anyone, we are picking every award including the Ultimate in this year’s competition,” he said.

Osei Agyemang Fidel, the Atlantic hall president.

However, he also commended the SRC and the UCC Debate society for putting up such an intellectual event which encourages the promotion of healthy competitions amongst the various traditional halls.

Fidel urged the participants from the other traditional halls to be determined and ready to battle.

Atlantic hall has made an appearance at every final of all the previously held editions of the Freshmen Inter-Hall Debate and Public Speaking Championship since its commencement in 2016, but are yet to win the Ultimate.

The Atlantic Hall Debate society’s eagerness to win this year’s competition and the enthusiasm of the other traditional halls bring forth the question, Will the Superissimos emerge as the Ultimate winners in this year’s competition?

This year’s competition therefore happens to see a lot of participation from the freshmen in the various traditional halls as compared to the previous years.