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Ashesi University Thanks UCC for Institutional Mentorship

Ashesi University (AU) has presented a certificate of appreciation to the UCC for its enormous contribution to Ashesi’s success since its inception in 2002.

UCC has for the past years played the role of Institutional Mentor to Ashesi through supervision of AU’s activities. During these years of mentorship, AU received a lot of support from UCC including collaborations with various departments and individuals.

UCC supported Ashesi to receive the Presidential Charter to operate as an independent university. The certificate which was signed by the President and Founder of Ashesi University, Patrick G. Awuah and the Provost of Ashesi University, Suzanne Buchele was presented by the Assistant Human Resource Manager of Ashesi University, Theresa Dei Dzanie and was received on behalf of UCC by the Director of Academic Affairs, Mr. Jeff T. Onyame in his office.

Following the award of the Presidential Charter which was granted the university at the recent graduation ceremony on 23rd June, 2018, Ashesi is now eligible to operate as an independent university. This means it is no longer an affiliate of University of Cape Coast. Receiving the Charter makes Ashesi the youngest chartered private University in Ghana.

The certificate of appreciation presented to the University of Cape Coast partly reads, “The Board of Directors, President and Executive Team of Ashesi University award this certificate to the UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST in sincere appreciation for contributions made to the success of Ashesi as our Institutional Mentor since our inception. We thank you for the collaborations we have enjoyed with various departments and individuals from the University of Cape Coast which have shaped our University in positive ways. We greatly appreciate your support during our application for Presidential Charter. On behalf of the entire Ashesi community, and all friends of Ashesi, we sincerely thank you.”