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We resist unlawful increase in hostel prices- Sammy Ayeh

A presidential aspirant of the University of Cape Coast Students’ Representative Council (UCC-SRC), Sammy Ayeh has resisted the increment in hostel prices, saying that it was contrary to the dictates of the Rent Act.

According to him, the Rent Act prohibited increment in hostel prices, especially when no improvement works had been performed on the existing structures.

In a statement issued and signed by Sammy Ayeh on Monday, July 26, 2021, he indicated that hostel owners had however, made it a ritual to continually increase hostel prices, while disregarding the provisions of the law.

“According to the Rent Act 1963(220) as amended section 19(3), ‘when a part of a premise has been let and there has been an increase in the rates in respect of the whole of such premise, no landlord shall; (a) fix the amount of the rates attributable to such part or (b) collect an increase in rent in respect of such part unless such amount and increase have been approved by the appropriate rent officer'”, part of the statement indicated.

He further described the increment in the hostels prices as insensitive, retrogressive, fraudulent, and inhumane considering the circumstances of parents and guardians due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Find attached the full statement.