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Resist and Report Weekend and Dawn Quizzes- UCC VC Admonishes Students

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Professor Joseph Ampiah Ghartey has told students to resist and report incidents of dawn and weekend quizzes.

Addressing issues raised by student’s leadership during Students Management Consultative meeting held on Friday, November 29, the Vice Chancellor mentioned that management has given a directive to all lecturers to desist from conducting dawn and weekend quizzes.

 “If you don’t like dawn quizzes and weekends quizzes, resist it then come and report, yes! Resist it, it is not right,” he said.

He added that the selling of pamphlets by some lecturers to students should also stop since it is against the school’s rules and regulations.

“Selling of pamphlets to student is against our rules, yet you buy them, no lecturer should sell any pamphlets to any student, when we get hold of you, you will go to the disciplinary committee. If you report anybody, we will shield you and nobody will do anything to you” he stated.

He therefore advised lecturers to take advantage of the school’s E-Library to market their publications.

The Vice Chancellor also made it known that, a ‘Knowledge Common’ worth 1.2 million Ghana Cedis is going to be established in the Sam Jonah library for undergraduate students.

The Knowledge commons will give room for students to have group meetings and other meetings at the library.

“The good news for those undergraduates is that, we are also going to provide yours for you. Yours will even be bigger and nicer than the research commons for the graduate students. I understand that the Chancellor has invited some architectures from South Africa to design the knowledge commons.” He said.

Professor Ghartey also made it known that, contract has been awarded for the construction of the road leading to the Sandwich Lecture Theatre (SWLT).

 The contractor according to the Vice Chancellor is expected to be on site within three weeks’ time.

The Vice Chancellor assured students that, beginning next semester issues regarding inadequate lecture theatres will be a thing of the past. Since some project are near completion.

The Students Management Consultative meetings which was chaired by the Vice Chancellor was attended by some school management, students leaders and students in general. / Sylvia Appiah